What is the best age for cosmetic surgery?

We all want to look our best from top to toe, but often it’s difficult to know when is the right time to opt for cosmetic surgery/treatments on which part of our face or body. Leap in and have them too early and you may find that you have to have the procedure repeated sooner than you wanted to. Leave it too late and there may be nothing that can be done to rectify your wrinkled face or sagging bosom. […]

Fork-ing out for a facial?

If there’s an unusual anti-ageing treatment, it’s no surprise that pop star Madonna is one of the first in line to snap it up. But when it comes to one of the latest wheezes, it IS a bit startling to find that the usually down-to-earth TV presenter Kate Garraway has jumped on the bandwagon. The skin tightening treatment in question has become known as the ‘fork facial’, although, to be fair, it is more scientific than it sounds. You can […]

Terrible Tattoos and What To Do

February contains a significant date for so many of us: casually known as ‘V Day’, but more romantically by its full name of ‘Valentine’s Day’, it offers so many possibilities. Even if you’ve chosen to celebrate it with a romantic meal, a relaxing ‘spa day for two’ or a fun trip out together, there can surely be no more appropriate way to mark it than by popping the question? We’ve all read about the many unusual ways people have chosen […]

It’s a ‘pore’ show if your skin’s not right!

What is it that makes you think you need some sort of facial treatment? For many of us, we’d probably say ‘wrinkles’. It’s no secret that social media has got us all comparing (often unfavourably) our looks with those of our friends and of famous people, and we’re not shy about commenting on someone else’s wrinkly complexion. And even if we’re just popping into a supermarket to buy some potatoes, the bigger stores usually have a cosmetics section, where we’re […]

Sisters are doing it for themselves!

There is often so much criticism heaped on women who choose to have cosmetic surgery on their faces – but perhaps it’s time to get a fresh perspective on the issue? The usual comments are that they’re doing it to please a man, or to conform to one or other of society’s stereotypes. But according to a feature article in the Telegraph newspaper online, we really are ‘doing it for ourselves’.   Click here to view the full article. In the interview with […]

Choose a safe – rather than ‘hair-raising’ – anti-ageing remedy

Supermodels aren’t renowned for their intellect – and no-one would accuse Kate Moss of being the sharpest tool in the box. But her latest attempt to stave off the signs of ageing has drawn unwanted attention to her looks. As you can read on the Daily Mail online website, Ms Moss has long been known for one particular much-mocked hairdo, the ‘Croydon facelift’. Named after her home town, it involves yanking back the hair into a tight bun or ponytail. And […]

A fresh look for a vegan face

Have you got ‘vegan face’. Yes, it’s a ‘thing’. But here at Aesthetics of Essex, we can help you out. With more people turning vegetarian or vegan for health or moral reasons, some are starting to report unwanted side effects. And we’re not just talking about in the nether regions (‘gas’…), either! A feature in the Evening Standard newspaper explained how dermatologists are finding more people presenting with so called ‘vegan face’. This is when vegans end up with slack, wasted, dry, flaky, sallow skin. […]


It’s not exactly news that social media has caused a spike in the number of people seeking facial (and other types of) surgery to look good. The pressures of trying to look their best on social media such as Facebook – not to mention dating apps – have resulted in people looking for ways to outshine their contemporaries. And it’s no surprise that it’s the famous faces, including those of film stars, sports stars and royalty, that we seek to […]

Forget the fruity sweating and come to us

It’s summer – well, in a British sort of way…one minute we’ve got a heatwave caused by a ‘Spanish plume’, then we get a cold showery day. But either way, when it gets hot, no-one wants to feel, smell or look all sweaty. Over the years there have been various remedies for sweating but surely none more wacky than the one featured in this piece from the Femail section of the Daily Mail. Yes, in the section ‘In the limelight’ […]

And the age for change is…39

New research has showed that the average age a woman first has cosmetic surgery is 39 – and it’s dropped below 40 for the first time. The previous average, in 2012, was 42. Men are also opting for cosmetic surgery at a younger age – in the same time period, their average age has gone down from 47 to 45. You can read all about the research by clicking this link to the Daily Mail online. But, to summarise, it […]