Breast reduction is a surgical procedure to make the breasts smaller. Many women undergo this procedure to help relieve back pain and other discomfort associated with large, heavy breasts. Breast reduction surgery can result in not only physical improvement, but also psychological well-being with a boost of self confidence!

The procedure involves the removal of breast tissue, excess fat, and nearby skin and the repositioning of nipples to change the overall size, shape and weight of the breasts into the perfect breasts that you’ve always wanted. (A breast lift may be performed at the same time as a breast reduction if required).

Operation time varies from 2 to 2.5 hours and requires you to stay one night in hospital so we can monitor your progress. You may experience some pain and discomfort up to 7 days after surgery; however pain relief will be available to ensure you are comfortable. We recommend 1 – 2 weeks time off work so you can rest whilst your body is recovering. Results are visible soon after treatment, however it may take up to 12 weeks until final results are seen and scars will continue to improve over 18 months.

Other Cosmetic Procedures

Procedure Time 2-2.5 hours
Back to Work 1-2 weeks
Anaesthetic General
Nights in Hospital 2
Pain & Discomfort 3-7 days
Follow up Surgery 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 months
Results 12 weeks until final result. Scars continue to improve over 18 months
Sports 2 weeks walking, 6 weeks everything
Risks & Complications Bruising, swelling, temporary, infection, bad scarring, asymmetry, bleeding, numbness, fat necrosis, nipple areola loss, delayed wound healing

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the stay in hospital?
2 nights.

What, if any, are the common risks?
Bruising, swelling, temporary numbness.

What, if any, are the uncommon risks?
Infection, bad scarring, asymmetry, bleeding, numbness, nipple areola loss, fat necrosis, delayed wound healing .

How long will there be pain and discomfort?
3-7 days.

How long after surgery will a follow-up appointment occur?
1 week after, 2 weeks after and finally 3 months after.

How much time off work will I need?1-2 weeks.

When will I be able to do normal activities again?
2 weeks before excessivley walking, 4 weeks before fast walking.

When can I expect the final results to show?
12 weeks until final result, scars continue to improve over 18 months.

How long is the operation time?
2-2.5 hours.

What type of Anaesthesia is used?