As tattoos become increasingly popular in all aspects of society, more and more people will get tattoos that they regret later in life or even a year. A lot of people will think that they need to have hours and hours of extensive, painful treatment in order to remove these, search for alternative methods for removal or just make-up to cover them up.

So we introduce a new and faster way to remove your undesirables. PicoSure is the latest and greatest breakthrough in tattoo removal, this is the fastest machine in the world (featured on channel 4 ‘Tattoo Fixers’) and can remove any ink colour, including the dreaded red ink which tends to just fade with other methods and doesn’t disappear.

PicoSure uses lasers to focus on the problem areas, whether this is brown spots, sun damage, freckles, pigmented lesions, tattoos or acne scars. PicoSure uses a gentler treatment, than other ways of removal that use intensive heat, which is painful and can lead to redness and downtime.

This method can approximately remove a tattoo in for 6 treatments, but in the case that this takes more than 6 treatments you will only be charged for the 6. Another massive advantage is time, instead of having 10 – 15 treatments to remove a tattoo the standard way you will only have to have 6, making this a lot faster than the conventional way.

Here is a list of the pricing of the new PicoSure technology available at the clinic –

Size Price per Treatment Course of 4 – Paid upfront (3 sessions plus 1 free) Course price per session with discount
XSmall £75 £225 £56.25
Small £120 £360 £90
Medium £195 £585 £146.25
Large £295 £885 £221.25
XLarge £500 £1500 £375
XXLarge Price on consultation Price on consultation Price on consultation

If you would like to have a tattoo removed then don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us about a consultation and patch test.

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PicoSure Method of Action

Before & After

Removal of a tattoo.

Removal of a tattoo.

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Patient Reviews

I had previous treatments for tattoo removal approx 10 and had no improvement, and since coming to aesthetics of Essex with only treatments the tattoo has gone.

I am so happy and please with the service and treatment that I have had. Highly recommended


I previously had 3 treatments elsewhere and wasn't impressed, Aesthetics of Essex was very professional and friendly and the clinic was spotlessly clean.


Any additional treatments after the 6th is free!!! Fantastic value as it is a long process to remove. Staff so experienced and qualified. I felt so comfortable that I was in safe hands


I visited the clinic last month for my first consultation in tattoo removal. All the staff were friendly, polite professional especially Roxanne who was knowledgeable and answered all the questions I had during my consultation!
I would definitely recommend the clinic to everyone.

Katie Fizz

I have had two treatments with the new Picosure laser, the results are truly remarkable I think I will only need one more treatment and its good bye to the tattoos I strongly recommend anyone wishing to get their tattoos removed however large or small. this is the treatment to have.

Peter R

I have been attending Upminster Aesthetics of Essex for laser tattoo removal and it’s been a pleasure to give them my custom .
Customer service is brilliant and everbody is so friendly and helpful and very professional.
I have achieved amazing results with their new PICOSURE machine.
I ve had 3 sessions on a very dark black trial tattoo and the results UNBELIEVABLE!!!
No blistering and the healing is great....
Would highly recommend tattoo removal to everyone.

Tony King 23/01/2017

10 out of 10

From the moment I first spoke with the team I felt that they were professional and could remove all my tattoos with the latest equipment

Roxanne has been great. My tattoos will take a long time to remove but I know I am in capable hands and the care taken in each session is excellent.

Clive Coe 25/02/17

I have been to aesthetics of Essex twice now, for two different treatments, one for tattoo removal and the other for Botox.

The first time I went was for my tattoo laser treatment and the results so far are amazing, it's been approximately 4 weeks since having it done and it's faded more than I expected. I actually can't wait for my next session.

The second time I went was for my first ever Botox treatment and again after 2 days I'm so pleased with the results.

Being the first time of having Botox I was feeling very anxious but I was instantly put at ease by the ladies who work there, they are very friendly and go the extra mile to talk to you and make you feel as comfortable as possible. I'm the end I actually thought having this done felt oddly therapeutic.

The team there are fantastic and I'm so pleased with the results so far that If i decide to ever have anything else done, aesthetics will always have my custom.

Kerrie Cadera 08/05/2017

If only i found this clinic sooner!!! Had some jet black tattoos that needed lasering to get light enough to have new tattoos for a sleeve! Had 3 sessions at another clinic on one of my tattoos and had bad blistering and some scaring from the treatment! Heard about upminster aesthetics having the best laser removal machine on the market and thought lets give it a try and WOW you really do get what you pay for!!! Had 5 sessions on each of my 2 tattoos and virtualy gone!!! No blistering scaring,absolutely over the moon with the service and treatment!! Such a professional clinic and kim who does my treatment for me is a gem! I cannot recommend enough,anybody looking for laser tattoo removal,dont look anywhere else than aesthetics of Essex!!!

Tony King

Been getting laser tattoo removal and I am so happy with the results so
far, the staff are so friendly and professional as well! Would
definitely recommend to everyone

Bethany 05/07/2017

I had several amateur blue ink tattoos on my arms that I didn't want anymore. After speaking to Kim I have gone ahead and after only 1 treatment most of the tattoos have nearly gone already. I needed 1 more treatment on a larger tattoo but am very happy both with the advice given & the great results. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone embarrassed by their tattoos.




Frequently Asked Questions

What is PicoSure?
PicoSure is a laser tattoo removal system that specifically targets the ink in your tattoo, leaving the surrounding tissue undamaged.

How does it work?
PicoSure uses PressureWave technology, which delivers very rapid pulses of energy to the ink of your tattoo, breaking it apart into minute particles which are then absorbed by your lymphatic system and removed naturally by your body.

Will it work on my tattoo?
PicoSure treatment is highly effective on all skin types, unlike other tattoo removal methods. It can remove stubborn black ink, red ink, multicoloured or previously treated tattoo’s that other methods can fail to eradicate.